Law of using Indelible Ink In Elections

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Special Discussion Fatwa Committee of the National Council for Islamic Religious Affairs which met on August 8, 2007 had discussed the Law of Use Indelible Ink In Malaysia Election.

The Committee has decided that based on the explanation and experimental results were given by experts in the field of chemistry and the arguments and views of the members of the Committee, Discussion agree that Indelible Ink decided not contain ingredients banned by Islamic law shit, does not cause harm health and prevent water to get to the skin when used. By the use of Indelible Ink is permitted by Islamic law because it will not pose a problem for Muslim worship.

However, the decision of the Committee on the content and the permeability Indelible Ink is only subject to the same material that has been tested by experts only.


  1. Indelible Ink means that the ink can not be erased. A smear of this ink on the fingers of voters will give blackish brown marks that would last for several days. This method is a simple effective method to prevent fraud or voter votes cast over all. Some countries are already using this method, including China, Ghana and Denmark. India as ink manufacturers have been using the finger smears voters since the 1962 election. Based on the chemical composition of the experimental report done by the Department of Chemistry Malaysia, imported from India ink consists of three (3) main material which is water, ethanol (55 per cent) and silver nitrate.
  2. Use of Indelible Ink will not cause any harm if used on nails and toes. It will only have an impact on health if ingested or drink.
  3. Based on these studies, the use of Indelible Ink on nails can be removed within three (3) days and if used on the skin, it will disappear within seven (7) days. For use in the elections, the EC will only mencalitkan Indelible Ink is a small quantity which is expected to last at least 24 hours.
  4. Alcohol use in Indelible Ink is not an issue because basically if an open container of alcohol, meruapan process will occur and it will reduce the alcohol content.
  5. Given Indelible Ink is water permeable in the immediate situation and its contents are free from any animal fat, then its use will not create any doubt in terms of Islamic law.
  6. Water permeability of the skin should be distinguished from the water permeability of the cells reach the skin, because of both Islamic angle is different and for the purpose of worship is sufficient if the water reaches the skin permeable.
  7. In the context of keeping the community maslahah, a number of methods that can be used to back fiqhiyyah is: تصرف الامام على الرعية منوط بالمصلح means: Actions carried out by the head of state of affairs is bound to maslahah people.


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