Accept the result with gratitude

Monday, May 06, 2013 Shahrul Anuar 0 Comments

Malaysian GE13 has been completed successfully without any unwanted incidents happen. BN has won again this time and people still trust in Najib rules.

However, the opposition parties seems cannot accept the result since a lot of a weird thing happen during election process until the votes counting. They accused that foreigners from Bangladesh and Myanmar also had an ID card and able to voting.

Besides, during the counting process of the votes, a few counting center have been blackout. Why this happen? Is it accidental or coincidence?

The opposition known as PR described the victory of Barisan Nasional the next GE 13 is because the elements of fraud. PR gained 89 parliamentary seats compared to 133 seats of BN.

But I think, you cannot fight the result anymore and what we need to do is just wait for another 5 years if we want a changes. Accept this with gratitude and surrender to Allah SWT.

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