PR made 13 promises to civil servants

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Labour Day is celebrated today, PR unload the Putrajaya Declaration in 2013, which accounted for 13 specific items for public servants.

It aims to create a service that truly efficient, competitive, trustworthy and uphold the ideals of Malaysia achieving 'world class delivery system.

Not less than 5,000 supporters, including civil servants coalition meet parking space behind the Palace of Justice Precinct 3 to witness the declaration would benefit them.

Declaration prepared by the PAS candidate Datuk Husam Musa Putrajaya communicated to the Chairman of the People's Alliance Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, then continue declare the declaration.

Among the 13 items outlined in the 'Declaration include:
  1. Payments based on the number of weeks of salary (plus a month income)
  2. Interest-free home loans,
  3. Education civil servants friendly (specifically in Putrajaya),
  4. Pension option
  5. Learn during his tenure.
  6. Absorb into permanent positions for contract service personnel, temporary and short service of public service
  7. Develop public service sector towards world class standards (world class standard)
  8. exchange and placement of civil servants based on family-friendly
  9. The insurance cover for civil servants Enforcement agencies such as Customs, Police, Army, and others is to give them confidence that their job fully appreciated by government.
  10. Exemption of income tax for civil servants from Grade 41 under to provide greater real income
  11. Coordinate and prison staff salary as a policeman as practiced before.
  12. Review to increase the housing allowance (ITP) civil servants from grade 40 down the minimum amount of RM180 to a more reasonable amount
  13. does not cut cola allowance (RM150) for civil servants occupying government quarters in

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